Intro to Cold Email

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This is for you if you are

  • a solo indie hacker looking for a co-founder and users of their B2B product
  • a B2B agency owner looking to scale your outreach to reach your ideal client profile and show them how amazing your service is
  • an SDR/AE looking for ways to book more meetings
  • an individual that just wanted to get started with cold email and use it to land an interview for a job
  • a freelancer that wants to book more client discovery calls

Cold emailing is still one of the best methods in connecting you to the right person. All you need to do is to stand out by avoiding what many businesses and individuals do that doesn’t work.

From a spammy cold emailer, I've learned how to do it the right way and learning this helped me earn my first $5000 online! And you can do it too!

The eBook contains:

  • Why learn lead generation?
  • Different ways to generate leads
    • Inbound method
    • Outbound method
  • Is cold emailing still effective?
  • 11 Reasons Why Some Cold Emails Go To Spam and How To Fix It
  • The anatomy of an effective cold email

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Intro to Cold Email

4 ratings
I want this!